Remove uncertainty by locking in a known Lifetime Income Rate 

Allianz Guaranteed Income for Life (AGILE) is a flexible retirement income solution that provides a guaranteed lifetime income. One of the unique features of AGILE is the ability to lock-in a known lifetime income rate – with guaranteed annual increases every year you wait to start your income.

Why is your Lifetime Income Rate important?

Your Lifetime Income Rate is crucial because it determines the percentage of your Investment Value you will receive as income when you elect to start your guaranteed Lifetime Income payments and will vary depending on when you commence your Lifetime Income and which Income Options you choose.

How is your Lifetime Income Rate calculated?

Your Lifetime Income Rate1 begins with your Age-Based Rate1 and increases by a guaranteed annual rate (known as the Annual Income Escalator) for every year you wait to start your lifetime income.

Your Age-Based Rate is the foundation of your Lifetime Income Rate - it’s determined by:

• Your age when you start your AGILE investment; and

• The payment option you choose when commencing your Lifetime Income.

You’ll be advised of your Age-Based Rate at the Commencement Date, and this will not change during your investment. 1

An Annual Income Escalator is added to your Age-Based Rate for each complete year you remain in the Growth Phase.

The longer you remain invested in the Growth Phase, the higher your guaranteed Lifetime Income Rate will be.

Your Annual Income Escalator rate is also known at the time you commence your AGILE investment and will not change during your investment.

This is an illustrative example only. All figures used in this example are illustrative only.

*John, aged 55, invests in AGILE and at 12 years commences his income payments drawn from his AGILE investment, which then continue for the rest of his life. The above rate is for illustrative purposes only for John as at March 2024. The current applicable rates are available on our website. An investment in AGILE is not a bank or term deposit, or an equity or fund investment.

Our Income Estimator is a generic educational tool that explores the impact of deferring income on an investment and electing certain features.

Deliver certainty in retirement with AGILE

At Allianz Retire+, we have brought together Allianz’ world-class insurance know-how with PIMCO’s unrivalled investment expertise to develop AGILE, a flexible retirement income solution that provides the certainty that comes from combining a protected investment with potential for performance growth, with a guaranteed lifetime income.


In our product welcome pack, you will receive:

  • An adviser guide to AGILE detailing the features and benefits.
  • An Introduction to the Growth and Lifetime Income phase of AGILE.
  • Accumulation and decumulation chart to share with your clients.
  • AGILE animation explainer video to share with your clients.

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With Allianz Retire+, it all adds up to certainty

At Allianz Retire+ we believe that all Australians should be able to live their lives with certainty and not have to worry about tomorrow’s ‘what ifs’, market volatility or whether they’ll have enough money for the future. That’s why we’re committed to delivering innovative retirement income solutions with a guaranteed income for life. We’re proud to be part of the Allianz family, that’s been helping Australians for over 100 years.


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1 A different set of Age-Based Rates and Annual Income Escalators may apply depending on whether:

  • Rising or fixed payment options are selected
  • The Age Pension+ Option is selected; and
  • The Spouse Insured Option is selected.
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