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The way Australians think about, plan for and manage financing their retirement is changing

Now more than ever people want certainty and flexibility from their investment strategies, and solutions to the financial unpredictabilities that can exist in retirement. Backed by a global life company and leveraging world-class investment expertise, we provide next-generation investment solutions that deliver a new level of financial independence, certainty and flexibility to people planning for retirement.

Latest Insights

  • Creating certainty
    Creating certainty

    A smart retirement portfolio helps to manage and mitigate risk and ensures clients’ savings work hard at every stage of retirement. As with any astute investment approach, tapping into diverse sources of retirement income is key when it comes to balancing risk and return. After a lifetime’s work, peace of mind is a reasonable expectation in retirement. 

  • Navigating Risk In Retirement
    Navigating Risk In Retirement

    When it comes to planning for and financing retirement, Australians shouldn’t have to worry about tomorrow’s ‘what ifs’ or uncontrollable factors such as inflation or market volatility. They certainly shouldn’t have to fear running out of money. In an imperfect world, risks abound and can have a profound impact on your clients’ retirement outcomes. 

  • The Retirement Pay Cheque
    The Retirement Pay Cheque

    Retirement marks a profound shift in life. The cessation of employment can be both liberating and challenging, not least having to grapple with the corresponding end to the regular ‘pay cheque’ and the comfort of knowing there’s money coming in each month. Some new retirees go all out to live their best life and worry about the rest later…others start to worry about making their savings last from the moment they retire. 

  • The times they are a-changin
    The times they are a-changin

    As Australians face retirement, there’s a mix of excitement and fear; the opportunity to realise dreams overlaid with the very real concern that retirement savings simply won’t last the distance. How can individuals plan for the future when there’s the uncertainty of not knowing for how long they will need a regular income to fund their lifestyle? What about if they need access to money to meet unplanned health or aged care needs, or fund other ‘lumpy’ expenses? 

  • How To Handle Longevity Risk For Retirees
    How To Handle Longevity Risk For Retirees

    Simon Aboud, chief product and marketing officer at Allianz Retire+, joins the SMSF Adviser Show to talk about retirement income solutions. 


Next-Generation Solutions

Using clear logic and innovative thinking our solutions are designed to solve the complex financial challenges facing Australians today to provide greater certainty in retirement.


Allianz Guaranteed Income For Life

A flexible retirement income solution that provides the certainty which comes from combining protected investment performance with a guaranteed lifetime income.

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Future Safe

Manage volatility and protect retirement savings while enjoying the potential for growth, regular payments and flexible withdrawal options.

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The Allianz Retire+ difference

Allianz Retire+ brings together the Allianz Group's unrivalled global expertise to deliver security and stability throughout retirement.

  • We are an Australian company, with a singular focus.

  • We provide innovative and sustainable retirement solutions.

  • We deliver financial security to those in retirement.

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