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Life doesn’t have to change in retirement.

Australians are living longer, healthier lives.
That’s great, but it means that many people don’t have enough super
to continue enjoying the lives they’ve worked so hard to build. 

83 years
approximate average life expectancy for an Australian retiree1

live longer than the average life expectancy

minimum needed for a couple to retire comfortably2

Many retirees want safe, secure and stable ways to convert their savings into an income that will allow them to continue to enjoy the lifestyle they have worked hard for.

Who is Allianz Retire+?

An Australian specialist business meeting the unique needs of retirees.

We have brought together Allianz's world-class insurance know-how with PIMCO's unrivalled investment expertise to deliver security and stability during retirement.

Want to know more about us? Watch our video below

The video describes the journey of Allianz Retire+
in developing retirement solutions for the Australian market.

We will be launching our first product soon.

At that time, Allianz Australia Life Insurance Limited, as the issuer of the product, will make a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available through this website. You should consider that PDS before deciding to acquire or to hold the product.


For 127 years, Allianz has been delivering financial stability and security throughout the world.

88 million
customers all over the world

70+ countries
serviced across the globe

€130 billion
total revenue earned in 2018

Founded in 1971 and active in Australia since 1997, PIMCO is one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers, serving millions of professional investors globally.

global investment professionals

14 offices
globally throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia

US $1.66 trillion
assets under management as at 31 Dec 2018

1. Australian Bureau of Statistics: Life Expectancy at Birth - Australia 2015 - 2017.  
2. SuperGuide: How much super do you need to retire comfortably? February 2018.  The lump sum amounts are in today’s dollars and assume retirement on or after age pension age, eligibility for age pension,  and will finance a retirement for 25 years. Annual inflation rate for years in retirement is 3%, 5% return on investments in retirement.