At Allianz Retire +, we believe it’s time to think differently about retirement – to challenge conventional wisdom and champion innovative income strategies that help improve outcomes for retired Australians.

For decades, retirement planning has focused on helping clients to accumulate wealth; however, as lifespans lengthen and retirement journeys evolve, a new mindset has emerged. One that focuses not on accumulation, but on a reliable and sustainable income stream.

Income strategies are about actively deploying wealth in this dynamic stage of life to match the unique needs and aspirations of your clients. It’s about understanding cash flow, harnessing the potential of your advice and living retirement to the fullest. This shift empowers your clients to move beyond the fear of outliving their retirement savings and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. In this way, you can enable an important transformation – taking retirement from a passive goal post to a purposeful chapter.

This is what retirement reframed is all about. We want to help you help your clients to discover the joy of retirement and the endless possibilities for the future. At Allianz Retire+, we believe that guaranteed retirement income products are an important part of a holistic strategy to help your clients effectively transition their savings to an income stream in retirement.

To ensure certainty, comfort and peace of mind throughout retirement, Australians need a regular income for life and flexible access to capital.

Retirees need innovative solutions that provide for longevity without sacrificing financial flexibility; retirement strategies need to incorporate a more comprehensive suite of features including guaranteed lifetime income, market-linked returns, downside protection and the ability to make withdrawals.

The next generation of retirement income products will help Australians make informed and confident spending decisions so they can flourish in retirement and enjoy this next well-earned phase of life.

Our latest whitepaper ‘Retirement Income Products Reframed’

  • Provides an overview of the next generation retirement products in the market
  • Clears up historical misperceptions of guaranteed income products
  • Details strategies in how you can have meaningful discussions with your clients around retirement planning.


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