Allianz Retire+ is dedicated to developing flexible financial solutions for Australian retirees and acknowledge the crucial role financial advisers play in society.  We help people accumulate wealth for a more resilient and sustainable retirement.
Our informative webinar suite is loaded with insights, strategies for retirement, client and practice management tips all designed to help advisers holistically manage clients (and their portfolios) who are nearing or in retirement.

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Breaking Down the Retirement Income Review

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Check out our recorded webinars featuring Australian retirement experts.

  • Dissecting Retirement Income Solutions
    Dissecting Retirement Income Solutions

    Leveraging the technical expertise from the Atchison Team this webinar explores the impact of transitioning into retirement on risk profiles and why a conservative accumulation portfolio is no longer adequate for the majority of retirees.

  • Retirement Portfolios in a Changing World
    Retirement Portfolios in a Changing World

    We discuss the inherent problems with traditional retirement investing and explore the tools needed to build specialised decumulation portfolios that aim to deliver greater certainty and confidence to retiree clients.

  • Facilitating Holistic Retirement Advice
    Facilitating Holistic Retirement Advice

    Our Head of Distribution, Caitriona Wortley sits down with the Three Sisters Group to discuss holistic advice and changes in the retirement landscape.

  • Future Safe and the five key needs of retirees
    Future Safe and the five key needs of retirees

    Watch Lydia Kapterian explain how Future Safe can address the five key needs that provide comfort and peace of mind for retirees.

  • The need for innovation within retirement and the changing landscape
    The need for innovation within retirement and the changing landscape

    We discuss the need for greater innovation within the retirement segment and the changing landscape. We also get Zenith's view on Future Safe as a retirement solution and how to conduct retirement portfolios.

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