Allianz Retire+ Future Safe is designed for Australian retirees who don't want to risk the retirement savings they've worked so hard to build.

Security + Growth + Income + Flexibility = Future Safe

Future Safe is a 7 year retirement investment product that can help generate income during retirement, with flexible withdrawal options and the ability to protect your investment from market downturns.

  • Security

    Keep growing your retirement savings with the peace of mind in knowing your range of returns for the year ahead upfront.

  • Growth

    Gain exposure to returns linked to domestic and global equity indices, or earn a steady fixed return, at the chosen level of protection.

  • Income

    Keep earning through a regular income stream or make ad hoc withdrawals when required.

  • Flexibility

    Change your investment strategy as your life changes, with ability to update your protection and investment options annually.

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How it works

Flexible protection + investment options

Future Safe gives exposure to market linked investments at your
chosen level of protection, with the ability to reallocate each year. It also offers a one year Fixed Rate investment option.

Features at a glance
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How to use Future Safe for retirement planning

  • A safety net for a secure transition to retirement

    Patricia wants to preserve her super balance and draw an income to supplement part-time earnings.

  • Maximising savings in the lead up to retirement

    Chris is looking to protect his retirement savings from market risk.

  • Making sure you can leave a legacy for your children

    Laura + Ricardo
    They are happy if their SMSF does not go backwards.