Today’s retirees face a range of new and unique challenges not experienced by previous generations.

Historically low interest rates, a restricted outlook on growth, increased market volatility and longer life expectancies mean many of our existing retirement strategies and solutions are dangerously ineffective or obsolete.

This toolkit has been created to help advisers explore, test and implement portfolios for modern-day retirees.

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On-demand webinar series

Investing in Retirement is Different

In this four-part webinar series we explore the risks facing modern-day retirees and how advisers can create contemporary investment strategies and portfolios to ensure clients enjoy a long, rewarding and stress-free retirement. CPD hours available.

Consultant Resources

We’ve collaborated with Lonsec and Atchison Consultants to produce a range of portfolio construction resources for financial advisers.


Atchison Consultants

Retirement Portfolio Illustration Tool

Our stochastic modelling tool, developed in partnership with OpenMarkets Advice, offers a realistic understanding of the level of income retirees can sustainably withdraw leading to higher confidence levels when planning their financial goals.

Articles and Insights

  • Increase confidence in retirement
    Increase confidence in retirement

    Planning to higher confidence levels can result in safer and more robust financial plans, and more confident and satisfied clients.

  • The flaw of averages
    The flaw of averages

    The idea of an ‘average’ retiree is a myth – so why base a financial plan on average life expectancies and returns?

  • Conquering retirees’ fear of running out of money
    Conquering retirees’ fear of running out of money

    You can’t necessarily control when you retire.  When you retire can have a significant impact on how long your retirement portfolio will last. Learn why mitigating sequencing risk in retirement portfolios is critical, especially for your most vulnerable clients.

  • The new frontier for retirement portfolios
    The new frontier for retirement portfolios

    Retirement portfolios should be different from accumulation portfolios because retiree needs and risks are different.

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