Investing in Retirement is Different
Webinar Series

Today’s retirees face a range of new and unique challenges not experienced by previous generations. 

Historically low interest rates, a restricted outlook on growth, increased market volatility and longer life expectancies mean many of our existing retirement strategies and solutions are dangerously ineffective or obsolete. 

In this four-part webinar series we explore the risks and issues facing modern-day retirees and how advisers can create contemporary investment strategies and portfolios to ensure clients enjoy a long, rewarding and stress-free retirement

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Webinar Schedule
This webinar series has been broken down into four key modules. By the end of the series you will have a thorough understanding of the unique risks facing today’s retirees, and how you can prepare and support your clients in achieving and living their best retirement.
  • Module 1
    Retirement Risks
    and Challenges 

    Sequencing risk, low yields, low growth and longer life expectancies. What are the risks in retirement and how do you manage them to avoid costly consequences?

    Jacqui Lennon, Allianz Retire+
    Tim Dowling, Allianz Retire+

    Tuesday 11 August 2020
    11.00 - 11.45am

  • Module 2
    Building Portfolios
    for Retirees 

    Retirement portfolios need to address the unique risks of retirement. How do you provide exposure to growth assets while ensuring retirement savings last?

    Tim Dowling, Allianz Retire+
    Veronica Klaus, Lonsec

  • Module 3
    Building and Modelling 
    Retirement Portfolios 

    Learn how next-gen stochastic modelling tools can help advisers construct and evaluate high confidence retirement portfolios.

    James Claridge, Investfit
    Tim Dowling, Allianz Retire+

  • Module 4
    Retirement Tools
    and Solutions 

    Not all retirement solutions are created equal. We look at some of the solutions available and which may be more appropriate for today’s conditions.

    Tim Dowling, Allianz Retire+

    Tuesday 1 September 2020
    11.00 - 11.45am

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Win a Presentation
Coaching Session

Advisers who attend all four webinars could win an exclusive session with renowned presentation and communications coach Tony Bulmer. 

Tony is one of Australia’s premier presentation and communication coaches. He is founder and owner of The Bulmer Group and has over 20 years of coaching experience. 

The winner will walk away with the skills and confidence to communicate and influence in any situation.