Allianz Retire+ tools and resources for HUB24 advisers
Allianz Retire+, Future Safe provides HUB24 advisers and their clients with certainty. Unlike traditional investment products, Future Safe helps advisers manage potential downside risks to accumulated wealth and retirement income, while gaining access to sharemarket linked returns that are essential for growth in sustainable retirement portfolios.
Adviser Enquiries
We're here to help. If you have any questions or you would like to know more about Allianz Retire+ Future Safe, please reach us on 1300 421 060 (between 8.30am and 5.30pm AET, Mon-Fri).

Future Safe 'essentials' resources

These resources can help stochastically model retirement portfolios, understand retiree mind-sets, pitch alternative investment strategies and explain investment risks. And, you can also hear from advisers that currently use Future Safe.

Getting started

Future Safe Explainer video
Watch this video and learn about our first retirement solution product Future Safe.
Future Safe Support Guide for HUB24
This guide covers Future Safe policies on Adviser HUB, relevant screens and reports.
FAQ on Future Safe for Hub24  
Frequently asked questions about Allianz Retire+ on HUB24
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Register/login for AR+ Adviser Portal  
A dedicated portal for advisers to access education, tools and policy information. Complete your accreditation training, view and manage your clients' policies, register for adviser events and access tools and calculators.
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Product resources

Future Safe PDS
Allianz Australia Life Insurance Limited is the issuer of each policy and has authorised the issue of this Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).
Current Caps & Rates
The Caps that are applicable to you will change on each of your anniversary dates. You should check them before you invest and prior to making an election each year.
Articles/Insights on Retirement 
Browse Allianz Retire+ extensive library of insights, research and articles.
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Retirement Portfolio Illustration tool 
The Retirement Portfolio Illustration Tool, stochastic modelling tool for authorised financial advisers and other financial professionals, runs over a thousand different simulations at chosen levels of volatility and confidence to produce illustrations that show how Future Safe can be used within a retirement portfolio.
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Case studies 
Allianz Retire+ Future Safe is designed for Australians at any stage of the retirement journey. Get inspired by our examples using Future Safe to enjoy retirement with confidence.
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Adviser Stories
Allianz Retire+ interviewed three advisers, in June 2020 . We asked them about their investment philosophy and their advocacy for retirement specific investment products.
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