Volatile markets pose unique challenges for investors in the decumulation phase. Building sustainable portfolios to manage those risks is essential for retirees.

Traditional defensive assets are less attractive in this low interest rate environment. This has driven investors to more risky assets in order to maintain a sustainable income in retirement.

This increased exposure to growth assets is now presenting its own set of challenges. Volatility and inflation are on the rise, putting retirement portfolios at risk of major drawdowns and early exhaustion.

Build better portfolios with Future Safe

Future Safe addresses the risk and uncertainty inherent in retirement portfolios.

Future Safe provides protection from market downturns while continuing to offer the potential for much needed growth, regular income payments and flexible withdrawal options.

Future Safe caps have increased

A $100,000 investment into the ASX 200 Total Return Index (-10% floor) offers the certainty of an annual return between -$10,000 and +$14,500*.


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Potential return* up to
ASX Total Return Index with –10% downside protection.

*Returns exclude withdrawals, fees and taxes.

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The Future Safe quote is a client friendly document that outlines an investor’s range of returns for the next 12 months.

Outlines the client's:

  • Floor: this is the maximum amount by which the account value can fall
  • Cap: this is the potential return the client could achieve
  • Income: this is the client's requested withdrawal amount.

It provides for easy product comparison and supports the production of an SOA.

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