Future Safe.
Allow your clients to seek returns with greater confidence.

In today’s challenging low-yield environment, risk mitigation is a key component of any robust retirement strategy.

A well-diversified portfolio combined with a protection strategy, can enhance the overall risk/return trade off, delivering additional certainty to your retirement portfolios.

The impact of falling interest rates

The record low interest rate environment is reducing the attractiveness of cash and other capital protected solutions, punishing clients who require a greater level of stability and safety.

  • Returns

    Term deposit rates have fallen 97% since the GFC to just 25 basis points.1

  • Income

    Pre-GFC $1.25 million in term deposits could generate $103,000 pa. Today that same amount would only generate $3,125 pa.1.

  • Capital

    A retiree would need $25 million invested in term deposits to fund a comfortable standard of living at current rates.2

  • Risk

    The duration of investment grade bonds in Australia has crept from a pre-GFC average of 3.6 years to over 6 years.1

Longer life expectancies. A double-edged sword?

With an ever-increasing lifespan, retirees need sustainable investment yields and incomes that will outlast them – but not at the expense of increased capital drawdowns or unacceptable levels of volatility and sequencing risk.

And how can clients achieve the returns they need to maintain their lifestyle without introducing an unbearable level of risk and anxiety?

Probability of survival for a 65-year-old couple3

Future-proof portfolios with Future Safe

As an investment product issued by a life insurance company, Future Safe can be a reliable and viable alternative to low yielding defensive assets.

Designed for investors and retirees who don't want to risk the savings they've worked so hard to build, Future Safe offers a simple way to access sharemarket-linked returns with greater certainty.

It helps you to rebalance risk and return by providing downside protection though a ‘Floor’ and the potential for higher returns through market-linked returns, up to a ‘Cap’.

Tools and education

  • Webinars

    Traditional defensive assets can’t provide the returns retirees need to sustain retirement income for a lifetime.

  • Case Study
    Case Study

    John & Lorna enhance their bucketing strategy using Future Safe so they can enjoy a comfortable retirement.

  • Brochure

    A snapshot of Future Safe’s main features and benefits.

  • Future Safe PDS
    Future Safe PDS

    Allianz Australia Life Insurance Limited is the issuer of each policy and has authorised the issue of this Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

For a discussion on how you might use Future Safe with your clients, contact either your Business Development Manager or phone 1300 421 060.

Business Development Team

1.Reserve Bank of Australia: Retail deposit and investment rates; Banks’ term deposits ($10000); 1 year, at May 2021, issued 2 June 2021 [and using July 2008 term deposit rate of 8.25%].

2. Assumes average term deposit rate of 0.25%. Uses Association of Australian Superannuation Funds (ASFA) Retirement Standard of $62,828 in annual living costs for a retired couple who want a “comfortable lifestyle”. ASFA standard at March quarter 2021. Retirement Standard - ASFA (superannuation.asn.au) https://moneysmart.gov.au/glossary/asfa-retirement-standard.

3. Australian Life Tables 2015‑17, www.aga.gov.au/publications/life_table_2015-17.