Out of Change Comes Opportunity
Melinda Livingstone, Founder of IncomeConnection

Melinda’s business is primarily focused on the over 50’s segment, helping retirees set themselves up for financial success. In this informative webinar, Melinda discusses the changing nature of work and the opportunities that arise from a range of flexible income options, born out of the growing on-demand, gig economy. This webinar is particularly relevant for advisers with clients who either need or want to keep working.  This session provides you with a range of options and alternative sources of income for clients so they don’t need to cut back on their spending or adjust their retirement goals.

About Melinda

 Melinda has been helping people achieve their financial goals for over 20 years, with a background in investment, superannuation and financial planning and has a track record of launching initiatives that improve the financial outcomes of ordinary Australians. 

As Founder of IncomeConnection, she focusses on helping people aged over 50 to earn an income from the freelance and sharing economy. She works with financial planners to provide them with options for their clients to help them achieve their retirement income goals.

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