Enhancing Communication and Client Trust
Naomi Abbott, Director of Conscious Presence

Naomi discusses how advisers can truly connect with clients through conversations to build and enhance trust.

In this webinar you’ll learn about the neuroscience and brain functioning behind conversations, helping you to identify and address the triggers that may overrule rational thinking and impact trust. Naomi also explores the need for compassion, empathy and more connected listening during these unprecedented times.

About Naomi

Naomi started her career working in finance roles in various commercial contexts before focussing her talents on helping people to thrive in their professional lives. Over the past 15 years she has honed her coaching and facilitation skills to assist individuals and teams to enhance their communication impact and activate trust at work.  

Naomi believes that the vitality of the cultures we work in stems from the conversations we have, and these can either enrich or diminish the best of business strategies.

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