Pursue gains with the comfort of downside protection

Diversification remains a trusted strategy for managing portfolio volatility. However, we’ve seen firsthand that achieving the required returns from defensive allocations continues to become more and more difficult -causing many to take on higher risks in the pursuit of yield.

The three key challenges for financial advisers today

These new market conditions have triggered a series of challenges and risks that have the potential to significantly impact the livelihood of current and future retirees. We’ve coined these the triple threat to retirement portfolios

  1. Cash is going backwards, in real terms
    Falling interest rates have starved income dependant investors. Cash holdings and term deposits, while offering certainty in both return and protection, are now promising one more thing: to go backwards in real terms.
  2. When yield is low and risks are high
    Expected returns on traditional defensive assets are at record lows forcing investors to look for more attractive yield and moving up the risk curve. Meanwhile, the combination of the risk of rising rates and the threat of inflation means the protective qualities of these defensive securities begin to be called into question.
  3. Coping with an equity market correction
    Despite delivering attractive long term returns, many retirees cannot risk excessive equity exposure. Whether it's sequencing risk or loss aversion, a downturn in equity markets can significantly impact both the journey and the outcome of retirement.

These investment challenges need to be met head on with an innovative, retirement-focussed solution that offers the ability to generate higher returns with the added benefit of downside protection.

Adviser Webinars (CPD Applicable)

The Triple Threat to Retirement Portfolios

Investment Specialist, Tim Dowling, discusses the triple threat to retirement portfolios and how Future Safe can be used to mitigate them.

  • Cash going backwards
  • When yield is low and risks are high
  • Coping with an equity market correction

Webinar One | Watch On Demand | 60 min

The Theory: New to Future Safe and keen to learn how to address each of the challenges? This is the ideal webinar for you; a perfect segue to Webinar Two.

  1. An overview of the challenges
  2. Introduction to Future Safe


Webinar Two | Watch On Demand | 60 min

In Practice: Explore the ways in which Future Safe can be set up and applied to a retirement portfolio, including:

  1. Addressing the challenges (using Future Safe)
  2. Simulation and illustration tools
  3. Future Safe setup and implementation


You can see all the webinar highlights in our latest article


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    Future Safe PDS

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    Practice management, portfolio and client management webinars.

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