The Role of Behavioural Finance in the Post-Retirement Crisis

Every corner of the globe is witnessing the early signs of a post-retirement crisis; people outliving their assets, forced into a lower standard of living in retirement.

With so many nearing retirement ill prepared and people living longer, a crisis is most assuredly in the making. Retirees are having to make complex life altering decisions about how much to save and how to make those savings last.

What are the behavioural factors driving retiree decisions and why should we consider these when addressing the many dimensions of retirement?

Tim Dowling will take us through each of these and provide further insights, sourced from our three-year research partnership with Macquarie University.

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Presented by:
Tim Dowling, Investment Specialist, Allianz Retire+

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Behavioural Finance - Hyper loss aversion

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