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Delivering on the Objective of Certainty

Join Tim Dowling and Anthony Dowle in this two-part webinar series investigating how your advice can be enhanced by delivering on the objective of certainty. Learn about:

  • The concept of certainty and how it can be communicated to clients
  • How to translate certainty into a clearly defined objective in an SOA
  • How certainty can be consistently measured and successfully delivered upon

Tuesday 15 March 2022, 11:00am     CPD hours TBC

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  • Practice & Client Management

    Practice & Client Management

    A crash, Covid-19 and low interest rates. Cut through fear, misinformation and provide rational, insightful advice and improve your practice.

  • Portfolio Construction

    Portfolio Construction

    Decumulation phase poses unique challenges and risk for investors. Building sustainable portfolios to manage those risks is essential for retirees. 

  • Behavioural Finance

    Behavioural Finance

    Transition to retirement is complex. The adjustment from saving to spending can be coupled with irrational behaviour and poor decision making.

  • Industry Experts

    Industry Experts

    Get independent commentary on topics including retirement specific issues, government policy, products and strategy from industry experts.

Latest webinars

  • Breaking down the Retirement Income Review
    Breaking down the Retirement Income Review

    Breaking down the retirement income review

    We were delighted to welcome Dr Deborah Ralston, panel member of the Independent Retirement Income Review, and Sally Evans, Retirement & Aged Care Specialist to our Insights Session Webinar where they discussed the findings of the Government’s Retirement Income Review final report.

    Duration: 42 min | 0.75 CPD points

  • Dissecting Retirement Income Solutions
    Dissecting Retirement Income Solutions

    Dissecting retirement income solutions

    Leveraging the technical expertise from the Atchison Team this webinar explores the impact of transitioning into retirement on risk profiles and why a conservative accumulation portfolio is no longer adequate for the majority of retirees.

    Duration: 54 min | 0.75 CPD points

  • Tools and Solutions
    Tools and Solutions

    Retirement Tools and Solutions

    Not all retirement solutions are created equal. We look at some of the solutions available and which may be more appropriate for today’s conditions.

    29 min     0.75 CPD points

  • Jon Glass
    Jon Glass

    Adjust and Thrive in Changing Circumstances

    Join Jon Glass, retirement coach and author from 64PLUS. Jon’s session is not about financial advice, it’s about how to adjust and thrive amidst changing circumstances. Jon utilises a coaching approach to explore how your clients can learn to adapt and live their best retirement.

    33 min

  • Naomi Abbott
    Naomi Abbott

    Enhancing Communication and Client Trust

    Naomi Abbott, Director of Conscious Presence, discusses how to truly connect with your clients through your conversations so you can build on and enhance trust. You'll learn about the neuroscience/brain functioning behind conversations, helping you to identify the triggers that may overrule rational thinking and impact trust.

    32 min

  • Tony Bulmer
    Tony Bulmer

    Virtual Communication

    Tony Bulmer, Founder of the Bulmer Group, discusses how planning and structuring conversations utilising video conferencing, along with creating the right environment, will ensure clarity of messaging for maximum impact and understanding.

    31 min