Historically low interest rates, a restricted outlook on growth, increased market volatility and longer life expectancies mean many of our existing retirement strategies and solutions are dangerously ineffective or obsolete.

This toolkit has been created to help advisers explore, test and implement portfolios for modern-day retirees.

  • Webinars

    Explore the distinct issues facing retirees and how specific retirement products can enhance portfolios and outcomes for retirees.

  • Retirement Portfolio Illustration Tool
    Retirement Portfolio Illustration Tool

    This stochastic modelling tool for authorised financial advisers , runs over a thousand different simulations at chosen levels of volatility.

  • Articles and Insights
    Articles and Insights

    Leverage our library of research driven, insights and articles. Explore the risks facing retirees and portfolios alternatives.

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Stochastic Portfolio Modelling Tool

Articles and Insights

  • Conquering retirees’ fear of running out of money
    Conquering retirees’ fear of running out of money

    You can’t necessarily control when you retire.  When you retire can have a significant impact on how long your retirement portfolio will last. Learn why mitigating sequencing risk in retirement portfolios is critical, especially for your most vulnerable clients.

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“…They just want to know that their money's safe and they don't have to worry about it.”